Reza Artists

Reza Records is a label out of Edmonton, A.B. Founded by artist/producer Brendan Bain and Leon van Heerden. Reza will produce, promote, and distribute a wide range of high quality original music. The first wave to be released will be all hip-hop. Reza’s current roster consists of the diabolical duo known as Tony and Bain whose debut album will be released in the fall of 2012. Also recruited was Edmonton based rapper Toxsic whose 9 song mix-tape, “The Prequel EP” is available for free download on this site. Toxsic is quickly gaining a reputation as the most talented and versatile rapper in his city and beyond. He is currently working with Brendan Bain and Get Recked on the production of his next mixtape entitled "Light Speed" which will be available for free download April 2nd, 2013. His debut album, "Untouchable", is set to be released in the fall of 2013. When the time is right and the stars align Reza Records will begin branching into other genres such as rock, metal, RnB, and even folk music. Therefore Reza will always be on the lookout for talented musicians of all kinds. But until then it’s all hip-hop all day so stay tuned as Reza Records resurrects the rap game.

Brendan Bain

  Brendan Bain was born in Prince George, B.C. on August 5th 1985. He grew up in a working class family and was raised on hard labour and the golden rule. His greatest interests were sports, music and eventually drugs and alcohol. At age 12 he began playing guitar and by 15 was part of a metal band that played shows in and around his home town. In 2003 Bain graduated high school and a year later he joined the army.

Brendan went on to serve until his retirement in 2011.  His career was fast and furious.  He trained all over North America and Europe,  served two tours of duty to Afghanistan as a frontline combat soldier, and was also part of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics Security Force. It was the best of times and the worst of times. The lingering psychological effects of his combat experiences are well documented in the Tony and Bain song “War Story”.  He did not fare well after his return home from war and was eventually diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder as a result of his experiences overseas. In an attempt to avoid dealing with the emotions and memories haunting him Brendan Bain nearly drank himself to death.  In April 2010 he was entered into a two month intensive drug and alcohol rehabilitation clinic. He completed the course and left with a new lease on life. He decided that when his contract with the army expired in the summer of 2011 he would pursue a career in music.

Bain spent his last year in the military writing and recording music as well as seeking out other artists for compilations. He was putting together a ten song multi genre promotional package to showcase himself as a producer and artist. In this time he met the Trinidad born, Toronto raised rapper that would become the second half of “Tony and Bain”. He also brought in “Skyline” member Dylan Toews for vocals on rock and metal tracks. Later, through his sound engineers/producers Damien Heck and Ari Rhodes (AKA Get Recked), he met Edmonton based rapper Toxsic and was blown away by his skills as an MC, song writer and producer that he gave him three feature spots on Tony and Bain’s debut album.

In the early months of 2012 he formed Reza Records and began by signing Tony and Toxsic. The rest is history, so stay tuned as Reza Records resurrects real music.





Tony was born on August 7th 1990 in San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago. At the age of 4 his family relocated to Canada for a better life. At the age of 7, his mother enrolled him in piano lessons that he took until he was 10. By age 16 he was able to play piano, viola, trombone, drums, bass, and guitar. Unfortunately life had other plans for Tony in his highschool years as he became involved in the sale of illegal narcotics. After several years of living that life he decided it was time for a change. At the age of 19 he joined the army. It wasn't until he had all his instruments taken away from him that he focussed 100% on rapping. After he met Brendan Bain, he immediately got into the booth to record for the Brendan Bain and Associates mixtape. His lyrics are the product of an immigrant family growing up in North America, and doing whatever had to be done to make ends meet. The rest is all history in the making...





Toxsic is a rare talent.  He burst onto the Canadian hip hop scene in 2012 with his free mixtape The Prequel EP, and is prepping his debut album, Untouchable, for a Fall 2013 release.  His story is uniquely Canadian; his family arrived in Edmonton after surviving seven years of war residing in the Serbian border region during the fall of the former-Yugoslavia.  Escaping a war and adapting to a new country, Toxsic already had an incredible tale of survival by his teenage years that inspired his musical pursuit.  His music is a reflection of his reality; a tale of triumph, with a dark side.


Determined to carve his own lane, Toxsic’s music seeks to distinguish himself from his Edmonton hip hop peers.  Toxsic is among the new breed of hip hop artists that aren’t bound to trying to re-create the 90’s era; rather incorporating many genres, creating a sonically evolved sound.  Teaming with EDM production duo Get Recked Music, a natural chemistry emerged and immediately Toxsic’s style began to take shape.  After releasing The Prequel EP, and garnering over 10,000 downloads within two months, production steamed ahead on a new mixtape and his debut album.


He caught the Canadian industry’s attention, discovered by Reza Records founder Brendan Bain,Toxsic was one of the first artists to ink a deal with the Canadian label in 2012.  Shortly then-after he begun working with Vancouver management firm, Live Fast Management (Caspian,Evil Ebenezer, Merkules,Snak The Ripper.)  He’s riding his momentum into 2013, prepping a new mixtape in addition to his debut album. When asked what we can expect, “party music with a hint of reality,”describes Toxsic.  “I’m seeking to capture a wide audience with my party records and hopefully guide them to my more serious songs incorporating contemporary themes and my unique story. I’m not the gangsta rapper who forgot where he’s from.  I’ve lived through extraordinary violence and one thing that offered me an escape was music. Shooting someone over a drug debt versus trying to exterminate a population are entirely different things. I want to rise above with my music and still honestly represent my struggle while having fun.”


While details of his debut album are scarce, fans can expect a preview of his musical direction when Toxsic releases his second mixtape, LightSpeed, in Spring 2013.  Catch Toxsic on tour across Canada this Summer building anticipation for the Fall release of his debut album, Untouchable,via Reza Records.